Stable plan for economic growth and opportunity continues to get results for British Columbians


[OLIVER] — Today’s job numbers from Statistics Canada confirm that the BC Liberal Government’s Jobs Plan continues to work for British Columbians, with one of Canada’s lowest unemployment rates and continued job creation.

The new numbers show that under the BC Jobs Plan, BC added over 12,000 new jobs last month alone, continues to have one of Canada’s lowest overall unemployment rates at 5.6% and Canada’s lowest youth unemployment rate at 9.7%. Under the continued stability of the BC Jobs Plan, BC added nearly 100,000 new jobs in the last year alone.

“I work each day to effectively represent families in our region and ensure they benefit from opportunities – like a good-paying, family-supporting job,” said Boundary-Similkameen MLA Linda Larson. “And I want local families to know I will continue to stand up for them and fight for these opportunities. There’s more work to do and we can’t afford to let our success so far be put in jeopardy under the shaky NDP-Green alliance.”

Last year under the BC Liberal Government’s plan, the province set a new record for employment levels in 2016 with nearly 2.5 million British Columbians working, and has added a total of over 250,000 new jobs since we launched the BC Jobs Plan. Since the launch of the BC Jobs Plan, BC is first in the nation in job creation, first in the nation in youth job creation, and first in the nation in the reduction of our unemployment rate and youth unemployment rate.