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Healthcare Sustainability - We Want to Hear Your Views!

The public is invited to write submissions to the Select Standing Committee on Health  on how to ensure quality and sustainability on BC Healthcare delivery.

The committee is inviting submissions on one or more of the following questions:

  • How can we improve health and health care services in rural British Columbia?
  • In particular, what long-term solutions can address the challenges of recruitment and retention of health care professionals in rural British Columbia?
  • How can we create a cost-effective system of primary and community care built around interdisciplinary teams?
  • What best practices can be implemented to improve end-of-life care?
  • How can we enhance the effectiveness of addiction recovery programs?

Please visit the committee website to make your submission or contact the Parliamentary Committees Offce at 1-877-428-8337 or HealthCommittee@leg.bc.ca

Deadline: December 31, 2014

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Speech from the Throne


The government’s Speech from the Throne focused on controlling spending and job creation by opening new markets for investment and leveraging B.C.’s strengths from natural resources to technology — all of which will create jobs for British Columbians. Learn more.